Equipment Solutions Corporation is proud to introduce one of our largest printing/bindery equipment manufacturers, DuploUSA.   

"From modest beginnings as a one-product company in 1951, Duplo Corporation has grown to a position of leadership in the manufacture of state-of-the-art digital duplicating and finishing equipment. The company now operates five manufacturing facilities in Japan and has worldwide distribution and representation.

"Duplo's extensive product line comprises a selection of innovative and technologically advanced paper handling equipment. Included are a variety of friction and suction feed collators, high-speed digital duplicators, folders,  inserters, bookletmakers, perfect binders, cutters and bar code readers.

"The company traces its line of successful products back to 1951, when company founder Mr. Juko Shima of Osaka developed the first Spirit duplicator in Japan. Next came the introduction of the first stencil duplicator. Duplo expanded its niche in the printing industry in 1970 with the introduction of the Burster Model DEC-S computer form machine and Model S-680 separator. Also on Duplo's list of "firsts" is the newspaper collating machine, which was introduced in 1974 as a tool for newspaper printers to collate advertising leaflets and flyers.

"1982 marked the introduction of the Model DC 1000 commercial type collator, which served as the underpinnings for Duplo's later collators, including the DC-6000S, DC-8000S and DC-10000S. In 1990, the company once again demonstrated its design and manufacturing expertise by introducing the concept of a complete system that linked together a digital duplicator and collator.

"Today, Duplo holds the distinction of being the only major manufacturer in the printing industry to produce a full product line. And, the company is dedicated to maintaining its leadership role by continuing to introduce the world's finest duplicating and finishing equipment."

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