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Duplo Quadrimax Four-clamp

Quadrimax Four-clamp Perfect Binder
An outstanding combination of technological advancement and user-friendliness, this high-volume perfect binder can accommodate book thickness from 2 sheets to 1.8 inches with no adjustments, making it ideal for the on-demand marketplace. Its single-operator, four-clamp design and simple, push-button operation allow smooth processing of up to 1,000 books per hour. Centrally located controls offer a "stand-by" mode, automatic timer, glue temperature regulation, finished book count and nipping time length adjustments. A special automatic vacuum cover feeder provides superior lift to even the most difficult covers, and the pneumatically controlled nipper ensures perfectly square spines. For added flexibility, the Quadrimax offers a hinge scoring device and two additional glue cylinders.

MR 500 Single-clamp Perfect Binder

Duplo MR500 Perfect 

Designed specifically for short to medium runs, the MR 500 features quick and easy setup and changeover. The single-operator, single-clamp design allows output of up to 600 books per hour, and book thickness from 2 sheets to 1.8 inches can be produced without any adjustments. A reliable automatic vacuum cover feeding system ensures superior lift on any cover stock. For ultimate versatility, the MR 500 can accept both flat sheets and signatures, and operators can choose from a wide range of operating modes including binding with milling and notching, without milling and notching, or with notching only.

Duplo DB-250 Desktop Perfect Binder

DB-250 Desktop Perfect Binder

Duplo’s DB-250 desktop perfect binder offers a cost effective method of producing professionally bound books and manuals in a limited space. With a speed of up to 200 books per hour, the DB-250 offers optimum flexibility by allowing both perfect binding and padding to be performed. It is designed for short runs and features fast, easy setup and changeover. With the automated performance and other outstanding features typically reserved for more expensive machines, the DB-250 provides centrally located controls for single-operator efficiency. Electronic operation and a clearly marked LED display ensure more precise settings, while a quick push of a button converts the machine for padding jobs.

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