With a Bookletmaker from Equipment Solutions Corporation, you can be sure your collating and bookletmaking needs will be met and exceeded both now and in the future.  We only carry the best products from the highest quality manufacturers (MBM and Duplo).  

These are our most popular bookletmakers and collaters. 
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We carry the full line of Duplo, Baum and MBM Bookletmakers and Collators.

Duplo DBM-120
Desktop Modular Collator 

Duple DBM-120 Bookletmaker  The versatile DBM-120 can be used either as a stand-alone bookletmaker or as an in-line accessory with a collator, printer or copier. This automatic-setting machine is pre-programmed for the most popular bookletmaking applications, and it offers five additional memory settings for odd-sized paper. Side guides, head stops and staple/fold position stoppers all adjust automatically, enabling an operator to change from one job to the next in just seconds.  It is designed to complete up to 2,400 sets per hour.


Duplo System 4000
The Ultimate Bookletmaker/Collator 


System 4000 Dynamic Bookletmaker  The world’s fastest fully automatic stitcher/folder, the System 4000 Dynamic Bookletmaker is an exceptional combination of technological advancement, dependable operation, and user-friendly. Duplo’s proven push-button technology enables the side guides, back joggers, stitcher heads, clinchers and head stopper positions to adjust automatically. Stitch position is also calculated automatically, based on the width of the booklet’s spine. And, with six fold rollers and a back jogger in the fold section, the System 4000 Dynamic Bookletmaker ensures clean, accurate folds and perfectly square books. Automatic setup and or changeover takes only 45 seconds – a tremendous timesaving over manual setup time of 10 to 20 minutes. This high-speed bookletmaker can process up to 4,200 booklets per hour. For ultimate flexibility, the System 4000 Dynamic Bookletmaker can be used as a stand-alone bookletmaker, or as in-line accessory with a collator, printer, copier or set feeder.

MBM BookletPro 8800
Top of the Line Bookletmaker

 Model 7500 Also Available

Model 8800
The Model 8800 is MBM's top of the line bookletmaker for professional quality document finishing. Combined with the Maxxum 20 Twin Towers,  the 8800 produces up to 80 page booklets on-line. For a more finished look, add the Booklet-Pro 88 Trimmer on-line to complete your system.

  • Staples and folds up to 22 pages off-line and 20 trimmed pages

  • 5000 staple cartridge for increased productivity.

  • Produces up to 2700 flat finished, crisply folded booklets per hour.

  • Heavy-duty staple clinchers produce an accurate "flat-finish" staple.

  • Fully automated system
    with "one touch" adjustments.

  • Automatically set stapling and
    fold position, side guides and joggers  from control panel for the most frequently-used standard  sizes: 8 1/2" x 11", 8 1/2" x 14", 11" x 17".

  • Memory program to automatically set up frequently-used,  non-standard jobs. Set up in less than 30 seconds.

MBM Sprint Series 5000 & 2000
Affordable, High Quality Bookletmaking


Sprint 2000 & 5000
The Spring 2000 and 5000 Bookletmakers are loaded with versatile options and easy to operate controls, making them the perfect choice for store-front copy and print shops, churches, clubs, and non-profit organizations.  Multiply your profits by adding a Maxxum collator and Sprint trimmer for a complete document finishing system at a fraction of the cost of stitch-and-fold systems.

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